Pricing For Our Services

"Bella was on time, courteous and professional.  My grout, tile and carpet have never looked so good.  I was so happy with my service I offered to make Jay a nice lunch."

Joan Blanchard 
Manchester, CT


Ahh, the $1000 dollar question. (No pun intended.)  This is where the most games are played in the cleaning industry.  For instance, I recently saw an add from a national franchise.  $89.00 for X rooms...and they made sure to note it was a "two step" process with a pretreatment for soil and stains AND steam cleaning like it was some special deal.  Guess what?  THAT is how you are supposed to do it in the first place!   To us, that's an unethical game to play.

The bottom line is this.  Our prices reflect getting your carpets clean, no matter what it takes.  No upcharges for "more soiled rugs", (Unless you decide to add fabric protector or another additional service) no per spot charge, no games...period.  We let our work and reputation speak for itself and do not need marketing tricks and gimmicks to get you to call.

Aside from our current specials on the home page, we prefer to discuss your individual job and circumstance and custom tailor a package for you.  Rest assured we are competitive on price, but not so much that we have to trick you into a higher bill so we can survive or are do lousy work.  No one can haul $45,000 worth of equipment 20 miles do a good job and cover overhead for $65.00.  It's not a sustainable business model.  Period.

Give us a call at 860-288-2158 for a fair price for honest work.